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“Night Work” is an ongoing series in which I work after dark in order to examine the spaces that people occupy. After sunset, I am able to photograph without the presence and body language of the human form to dictate my interpretations. At night, many spaces simply shut down. I am interested in functional space and its arrangement within the structure of the city, and especially the way that night changes the function of said space. I photograph the transfer of presence and the migration indoors by documenting everyday places and examining them for signs of life, or lack thereof. I look for everything from the cold solitude of an empty parking lot to the comfort of a light in an upstairs window in order to record the juxtapositions and subtlety of human-made structure at night. Photographing allows me to see the scenes more fully and to examine them thoroughly, reflecting on the implications of every element of the scene. Through this work, I document both a sense of place and a feeling of wanderlust; the gaze of the photograph is that of the traveling voyeur, looking upon something unmoving and semi-permanent, a city in transition between the workday and sleep.